How to Marble your Easter Eggs ✨

How to Marble your Easter Eggs ✨

How To Marble your Easter Eggs

One of my favourite table decorations for Easter are these gorgeous marbled eggs, a simple but effective way of bringing some Easter Joy to your table. They are incredibly elegant and you can choose any colour to match your own Easter decorations.

You will need The following:
Plastic eggs 
Old bowl
Nail varnish
Nail varnish remover
Plastic gloves
Acrylic paint

Tips for marbling  your eggs

Simply take an old bowl and fill with cold water. Choose three to four colours (no more or colours can start to look muddy) and drizzle them into the water. Using a tooth pick pull it through the water surface to create a feathering effect. Quickly take your egg and scoop it through the water, twisting as you do, to coat all around the egg. Lift out and prop up in a cup to dry. This will take about ten minutes.

I chose a colour scheme of greens and yellow to reflect my flowers. You can leave the base colour of your egg white but I decided to paint mine various shades in acrylic paint. From turquoise to buttercup yellow, this gave a lovely base to marble on to and the surface colour came though really well.

I used my eggs to decorate an easter wreath (i will make sure to post the how to shortly on the newsletter) as well as popping them into my bud vases, appearing through the blooms. These eggs came with handy sticks to twirl them in the colour and they work well for positioning them into your vases. Just break off the stick to suit the height needed.

They can be stored safely in tissue ready for next year! But in the meantime enjoy your creations. I've linked some of the things I used to create these. Have fun making your own and do send me any images on my instagram. Remember to tag @dbceramic

Have fun creating!

You can definitely use real eggs, with the filling blown out but I decided to buy these plastic eggs from Amazon. They are hardy and take the marbling really well. I love that they come with sticks which make dying them easier. And the sticks are great too for placing in bud vases. Bonus is, the eggs keep for next year.

Any nail varnish will do, I used a selection of four colours, teal, gold, yellow and green in mine.

I painted my eggs with a base coat of acrylic, it adds another layer and you don't have to be too exact with your brush strokes as they will mainly be covered with marbling.

Just a note - you will need nail varnish remover to clean your bowl, as things do get quite messy - especially with kids involved. Even with the sticks attached to the eggs, I wore plastic gloves to protect my hands.

Any old bowl will do, but im a fan of these stainless steel ones from Muji, they come in various sizes and are my staple mixing bowls.

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