One of the easiest and simplest ways I like to to arrange flowers is with a bud vase. 
These small but perfectly formed vases are designed to hold anything from 1-5 stems depending on what flowers you use and what look you're going for.
I've designed three distinct styles, The tall willowy Hermione, The shorter more rounded Ottilie and the petite conical Ursula. They look great grouped in multiples of threes, depending on how long your table or mantlepiece is.
Or they're great just on their own, a singular vase on a desk or dressing table and they also make the perfect gift. 

How to start - I like to choose three different types of flowers and group them in either one colour - focusing on white for example or in shades of the same colour or tone, like these autumnal hued arrangements. 
When selecting the three types I try and choose some blooms that are soft and willowy, others that are more rigid like a rose and something else that will give height. Try and vary the petal shapes too, from tulips to chrysanthemums or dahlias, freesias and anemones or snow berries, anything goes.
Adding foliage like coloured eucalyptus, grasses or herbs is also a lovely addition and can add a heavenly scent to the table.
Finally fill your vases up with fresh water and trim the stems to the right height. Bud vases really only need short flower stems but try and vary the height of the flowers in them to create a flow when lining them up down the centre of your table.
Sometimes I like to group mine in threes, with gaps in between for candles or serving bowls, while at other times i dot them along the whole length. 
Then after dinner I take all my bud vases and sprinkle them throughout the house. A few on a coffee table in my living room, one in the bathroom and one on each of my children's night stand and the rest along my staircase window sill. 
Which means one night's dinner gives me flowers all week.

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